JewelTech is a Point of Sales system designed by jewellers for jewellers. CALL 087-351-8068 NOW TO REQUEST A DEMO.
Jewellery Point of Sale System
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JewelTech is an innovative and flexible Jewellery Store Management System that empowers you.

  • Jewellery Point of Sale SystemQuick Sale

    Process any purchase under R5000 and generate an invoice that can be printed.

  • Point of Sale systemPOS

    Point of Sale system to view and process transactions, capture detailed customer information, create vouchers, invoices, catalogues and delivery orders.

  • Jewellery Stock SystemStock

    Access any and all inventory by location, complete purchase histories, monthly and annual stock takes, create labels, capture inventory pictures, relocate stock and more.

  • Jewellery RepairsJobs

    Easily find, create and maintain all repairs or special orders for a customer.

  • Point of Sale system with reportsReports

    SMS capabilities, key performance indicators, daily reports, stock sold, sales, suppliers, customers, month end and budget reports.

  • Point of Sale system with foldersFolders

    Store and share any documents, forms, images and marketing materials.

  • Maintenance and administrationAdmin

    Maintenance, stock lists admin, analysis of key indicators including exchange rate and more.

A Point of Sales system designed by jewellers for jewellers.