Product Features

JewelTech Features

Here are a few of JewelTech Features

Quick Sale software feature

Jewellery Point of Sale SystemQuick Sale

Quick Sales are any purchases under R5000.
After a Quick Sale an invoice can be produced and printed.

Point of Sale software feature

Point of Sale system Point of Sale

When a customer purchases an item above R5000 the client is seen as a VIP (very important person) and detailed customer data can be captured onto the system.

  • Create, access and manage detailed customer information, including: name, surname, telephone number, postal address, age, birthday, anniversary dates, wish list, ring sizes, sales history, repair history and reconciliation statements.
  • A list of the whole day’s transactions can be viewed.
  • At the end of the day the banking and petty cash can be viewed and be reconciled by the cash and slips in the till.
  • Reduce costly errors and overrides with manager approval.
  • View and create customer invoices and vouchers.
  • Develop and enhance customer relationships.
  • Increase speed and efficiency of transactions with bar codes for inventory.
  • Integrates with online credit card processing.
  • Create professional looking invoices, catalogues and delivery orders that can be printed.
Quick Sale software feature

Jewellery Stock SystemStock

  • View any and all items that are in stock or already sold.
  • Print Monthly or yearly stock takes.
  • Provide sales personal with up-to-date inventory quantities by location.
  • Complete purchase history by product line, vendor and price point.
  • Visual representation of stone/diamond rings showing comparisons to on hand and sales for a given shape, size, colour and clarity.
  • Print, create or update any stock labels.
  • Pictures of inventory can be captured and displayed.
  • Relocate the stock if transferred by location.
  • Re-order suggestions.
Jobs and repairs software feature

Jewellery RepairsJobs

  • Easily view all repairs or special orders for a customer.
  • Maintain and search historical repairs or orders.
  • Simple repair take-in and word order creation with labour and material cost tracking bar-coded and imaged bags.
Reports POS software feature

Point of Sale system with reportsReports

  • SMS preferences to communicate by customer frequency desired.
  • SMS capabilities to send promotions for birthdays, anniversaries and invite customers to sales.
  • Key performance indicators such as average inventory, average sales, return on investment, gross margin and sales.
  • Daily reports with detailed transaction and payment information.
  • Stock sold
  • Staff sales
  • VIP sales
  • Supplier list
  • Customer reports
  • Month end reports
  • Budget report

Point of Sale system with foldersFolders

Store and share any documents, forms, images and marketing materials.

Maintenance and administrationAdmin

  • Analysis of key indicators including dollar rate frequency.
  • Change of a payment type of change of sales assistant.
  • Maintenance
  • Removing of any stock list

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