JewelTech is a Jewellery Store Management Software System

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We have developed JewelTech over the past 12 years and designed specifically for retail jewelers.
JewelTech has innovative, flexible and original features that empower you to create and customize aspects of your Jewellery Store. Our Jewellery Store Management System can help you to achieve your unique business goals.

Our mission is to transform your valuable data into strategic management information that enables you to run your operation with maximum profitability, efficiency, control and dependability.

Why JewelTech?

JewelTech was created to be an extensive product database in the industry with screens optimized for jewellery. This Jewellery Store Management System is easy to use and fully featured point of sale.

JewelTech uses the internet to have all stores in the chain reacting live and in real-time with all stores. Each store runs independently even if the internet is down and will automatically synchronize when connection is restored. Private password for staff members are needed for customized access for each user to different functions of the program.

JewelTech focuses on using the data to direct the product mix, price points, vendor relationships and margins so as to make certain that you are making the smartest decisions so that you can grow your business effectively.

A Point of Sales system designed by jewellers for jewellers. CALL 0100 210 810