Reviews from Jeweler Point of Sales

Reviews from Jeweler Point of Sales

Below are some reviews from Jeweler Point of Sales


Owner, Time Zone by Cajees,

I am very satisfied with JewelTech, the program is reliable, the support team meets my needs very well and they are extremely responsive. 

Francois A. du Toit.

Managing Member, Francois Jewellers,

JewelTech is very user friendly and a pleasure to work with. It has some unique features and reports that enable you to run your jewellery store much more efficient than ever before. It even sends you an e-mail to remind you when something on consignment is sold! You can link each stock item to a photo for easy identification and making it easy to find the price of an item when the price tag has disappeared.

The program has a very extensive inventory control and reports thereon. The reports on sales are also very comprehensive and are a valuable tool to help analysing your business. The support is superb, and the program is under constant development to add new features. You can even have modifications done to the program to suit your own special requirements. I can really recommend JewelTech with great confidence to any jeweller and jewellery wholesaler.

Francoise Very

Manager, Kolonnade branch, Déonne le Roux Jewellers,

JewelTech provides a very important platform to maintain essential client details, such as: The client’s name & surname; Contact details such as telephone numbers & a postal address; Personal Information such as age, birthday, anniversary dates, wish lists, ring sizes; Sales history, repairs history and reconciliation statements.

All store activities and data are posted automatically to all accounts, saving endless hours of bookkeeping. Since using JewelTech we have been able to more accurately measure client satisfaction and improve the way in which we approach the client and marketplace.

Personal interaction with our clients has been enhanced by the sms facility, used to send out promotional messages, birthday & anniversary well wishes etc. Overall we have succeeded in making our client base feel like a family. Comfortable and well known throughout or branches…All-in-all we function like a well oiled machine due to Jeweltech. It has changed our approach to our business forever!


von Wielligh, Clearwater Mall,

We went over to JewelTech in October 2011, and considering this is quite a busy time of year, the transission went very smooth. It is a very userfriendly program, and training was quite painless , even those that are more computer illiterate didn’t struggle too much. We are very impressed with the more detailed stats and reports available, and having stock photo’s so accessible is a great advantage! We are still learning every day, but the support is excellent!

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