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    Why get a POS System?

    Why get a POS system? Buying a point-of-sale (POS) system may seem like a hassle and an unnecessary expense, but if you look closer, you’ll find clear gains.   The benefits of point-of-sale systems are: Accuracy: Scanning is more accurate than punching in numbers from …

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  • Repair Overview

    New Repair Overview

    Get a Repair Overview with one look! No need to install a program! Now, with our repair overview, you can see all repairs created and how far they are from completion. Making it easy for you to manage your staff and keep your customers happy. JewelTech …

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  • Bulk SMS

    Bulk SMS

    Communicate with your already excited customers Communicating with existing customers is 80% more effective than targeting new customers. You already have a wonderful list of existing customers on JewelTech. It is just a click of a button to send a Bulk SMS to all of …

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    5 Key Actions to Making More Profit on Your Bridal Sales

    Below is a great article we found last week at InStoreMag and we wanted to share it with you: ARTICLE BY: DAVID BROWN AUGUST 18, 2017 Just because it’s the most competitive category doesn’t mean you can’t make money. Let’s face it — bridal is …

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    We are always looking for talented people to join our team!

    We are proud of the work that we do, and wouldn’t be successful without our awesome team of dedicated people. We are currently looking for a developer that can code in ColdFusion and Qt. If you’ve got the desire to be a part of a …

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    New SMS service providers

    We have signed a deal with new SMS service providers and our customers will reap the reward. Sending messages will now be 25% cheaper than before.  

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  • Epson

    Epson Printer now available

    JewelTech can now print Invoices to Epson Printers. The Epson printer saves a lot of money on paper and Ink. Our invoices and receipts have been re-designed to also fit on these smaller paper sizes, and these printers can be connected to your till to …

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  • Version 19_4_86_5

    Latest Release

    Stock sold on Appro Reports can now be emailed to a specific person from Maintenance, Printing Text and Other. Level 2 Users can now be allocated an option to delete stationary counts from Maintenance, Users, Edit User. Unique text can be added to labels if …

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