Version 19_4_86_5

Latest Release

  • Stock sold on Appro Reports can now be emailed to a specific person from Maintenance, Printing Text and Other.
  • Level 2 Users can now be allocated an option to delete stationary counts from Maintenance, Users, Edit User.
  • Unique text can be added to labels if current text is more than 12 characters from Maintenance, Printing Text and Other.
  • Window Transfer Bug fixed.
  • Store Targets and Individual Targets added from Maintenance, Branches, Edit.
  • Outstanding Orders automated email can now be sent to a specific person from Maintenance, Branches, Edit.
  • Maximum amount of rows to display during inventory search can now be customised from Maintenance, Printing Text and Other.
  • Users can now be blocked from being able to do Window Transfers from Maintenance, Users, Edit User.



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